Help Protect America's Outdoors & Promote our Nation's Natural Heritage

Joining the Frederick Chapter you also become a member of the national and MD division of the Izaak Walton League. Becoming a member is a way for you to help us help the Frederick community, be good stewards of the land, and promote the natural heritage that this county was founded on.  It also brings you into a tradition of stewardship that has been active for nearly 100 years!  Grass roots efforts have always been the backbone of this nation and in our local community the Frederick Chapter pledges to provide its' members with: 

MEMBER BENEFITS  As a non-profit, all volunteer based organization, our chapter provides our members and their families educational opportunities in areas of conservation, shooting, hunter safety, gun safety, and fishing.  We also have special events to through out the year to bring our members together in their area of interest.  Other features of our chapter include:

 Our facilities include: 

    • Outdoor 10, 20 and 30 yard archery range
    • Outdoor 50 and 100 yard rifle and pistol ranges
    • All members wanting to use the gun range must become a Range Safety Officer and you range time will be limited until you take this class. 
    • A 49 acre conservation area
    • Bow hunting permitted on site 

National Member Benefits:

    • Annual Subscription to Outdoor America, The National IWLA's award winning quarterly publication
    • Monthly Frederick Chapter Newsletter
    • 15% discount off any advance registration of L.L. Bean Outdoor Discovery School programs
    • Online Advocacy 

Annual Membership Dues:      $95.00 Individual        $142.50 Family       $15.00 Youth        $  47.50 Student 

After your first year there are work requirements or additional fees, See below.

Adjusted Work Requirement / Renewal Fee Schedule:

Individual membership renewal:

$95.00 (current rate) -AND- 24 Hours Worked -OR- $250.00.

For Example: 24 Hours of work for Individual Memberships to retain current renewal fee of $95.00.  Less than 24 hours of work results in a renewal fee increase to $250.00. Renewal fees are not pro-rated for less than 24 hours worked.

Family membership renewal:

$142.50 (current rate) -AND- 32 Hours Worked -OR- $300.00

For Example: 32 Hours of work for Family Memberships to retain current renewal fee of $142.50. Renewal fee increases to $300 without full 32 hours of work. Renewal fees are not pro-rated for less than 32 hours worked.

Each membership will receive a card to track hours worked, and which will be approved and provided to the Membership Secretary at the end of the year for appropriate assessment of renewal rates. Details will be provided in the coming weeks.

Youth (18 & under/in HS), and student (18-24 in college) memberships are exempt from work hours, as are senior (65 & over) individual members, and senior members who are part of a family membership. (For example, family membership where one member is 65, but other family members are under 65, the senior member is exempt from work, and the work requirement is reduced to 24 hours.)

Examples of work include:
-Assisting in youth program activities.
-Participating in chapter clean-up days.
-Helping coordinate &/or participating in chapter conservation projects.
-Assisting in NRA, HQL, and Hunter Safety classes.
-Mowing and/or trimming grass, or shoveling snow as needed.
-Assist with chapter fundraising events such as raffles, and the annual pig roast.

 Click here for a  Membership Application 

CONTACT US   To join or attend a meeting to get to know us, please contact us directly.